Driving The Future With Technology
The "Sequential Injection" system is the last generation of LPG and CNG conversion systems. It is the most effective system that ensures the best results in terms of driving conditions and performance.

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LPG Conversion for vehicles creates a safe, easy and, best of all, much cheaper fuel than petrol or diesel. Best of all it is LEAD-FREE and less polluting. Price of fuel as at 8th June 2008. ULP $1.58 litre. LPG $0.63 Litre.................One of the best sequential injection systems for LPG and CNG * British designed, British built electronics and software. * 2 year (40,000 Kilometer) no quibble guarantee........................ * No need to use valve lube in engines susceptible to valve recession. * Can covert GDI engines. * Can exceed Europe's super clean Euro IV emission limit............WIll my car be de valued if I fit LPG......... No, in fact in recent times vehicles fitted with LPG are being sold for a premium of around $1500 compared to their petrol counterparts............ WIll my car go slower on LPG......... with modern autogas sequential multi point injection there is insignificant differences in driving and power outputs, in fact some vehicles develop more power on LPG than they do petrol......... LPG systems use outdated old technology right?......... Modern LPG systems use the latest multi point sequential vapour injection technology. These systems mimic the standard EFI system of your vehicle and the switch between Petrol and LPG is seamless. These systems are also compliant with the latest emission regulations making them the ideal choice for your new vehicle. ..............

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Why choose LPG for your vehicle???


bullet LPG Conversion for vehicles creates a safe, easy & best of all, much cheaper fuel than petrol or diesel.

Of the three fuels, LPG has been shown to be much more environmentally friendly through recent independent tests. LPG emits similar Carbon Dioxide to diesel and considerably less than petrol. LPG is also much cleaner than diesel in terms of other chemicals such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and fine particulates which impact on our local air quality.

A study recently completed, comparing the emissions from petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles found that:
  • Compared with petrol, vehicles running on LPG emit about 20% less CO2.
  • One diesel car is equivalent to 20 LPG cars with regard to NOx, and 120 LPG vehicles with regard to particulates.
  • Diesel emits substantially more fine particles than LPG.

bullet LPG is better for your engine.

Because it is much more of a simple chemical structure, with fewer impurities such as sulphur, means its clean burning, and it burns more efficiently than petrol or diesel as it is already in gaseous form when it enters the combustion cylinder.

You will also have a smoother, longer lasting engine with LPG because there are fewer deposits which build up in your car engine.